Over 400 submissions received

We’ve received over 400 submissions for the XVIII International Congress IOHA, which points to a high level of scientific excellence. Many thanks to everyone for their interesting contributions.

Before November 15th, everyone who has submitted a proposal will be informed of their status by e-mail, as rejected or accepted. You can keep informed about the Congress through this blog and the official Twitter account @ IOHA2014

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5 Responses to Over 400 submissions received

  1. maria laura bermúdez says:

    Hola! Soy integrante de la IOHA e investigadora y docente en Historia en la Universidad de la República de Uruguay. ¿Va a haber oportunidad para postularse a becas para concurrir a la Conferencia? ¡Muchas gracias

    • Javad says:

      hi dear Maria Laura Bermudez
      my name is Mohammad Javad Kassnejad and I am from Iran.we,here in Iran,work in a vast archive of records belonging to lots of people.I,alongside my boss Mr.Mahboob Shahbazi would love to take part in Barcelona conference as the free listeners to improve our oral history knowledge and efficiency.we have no proposal and do not want to offer also.we only will take part in conference and hope have a great time in that professional atmosphere!please inform us about how we may start!thanks for your attention.contact info : javad_kass@yahoo.com.sincerely yours and best regards.

  2. congresioha says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m pleased to inform you that the registration period for free listeners on the XVIII IOHA Conference is not open yet. It will be announced in this blog, so we suggest you to follow us by using the “Follow” icon above.

    Barcelona’s Organization Comittee

    • javad kassnejad says:

      hi dear Madam/Sir very thanks to your reply I consider your information and wait for the further announces via website and also Twitter. sincerely Yours Mohammad Javad Kassnejad

        javad kass.

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