The XVIII IOHA Conference official website has been published

Already available the official website of the XVIII Congress of the IOHA, that will be held in Barcelona (Spain) between 9 and 12 July 2014 under the slogan “Power and Democracy: the many voices of oral history”. Click on the image below to access it:

or paste this URL on the adress bar of your browser:

The official website will replace this blog, so from now it will no longer update.

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Over 400 submissions received

We’ve received over 400 submissions for the XVIII International Congress IOHA, which points to a high level of scientific excellence. Many thanks to everyone for their interesting contributions.

Before November 15th, everyone who has submitted a proposal will be informed of their status by e-mail, as rejected or accepted. You can keep informed about the Congress through this blog and the official Twitter account @ IOHA2014

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Keep updated about XVIII IOHA Conference news via Twitter

Keep abreast of all developments in the organization of the XVIII IOHA Conference to be held in Barcelona via this Twitter account: @ IOHA2014

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SEPTEMBER 15, new deadline for proposals

The deadline for submitting proposals to the XVIII Congress of the International Oral History Association has been extended until September 15, 2013. If interested in presenting one, read the requirements established by the organization on the “Proposals” page of this blog.

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Power and Democracy: the many voices of Oral History

The force of democracy as well as the resistance it has met have prompted oral history projects around the world.  Interviews with advocates of change have supplemented and supplanted archives of discredited regimes. Oral histories have documented social and political upheavals, reform movements and reactions.  Oral history have revealed the effects of power relationships that exist between citizens and their governments, workers and employers, students and teachers, and the layers within institutions, communities and families.  As a democratic tool, oral history records and preserves the memories, perceptions, and voices of individuals and groups at all levels and in all endeavors, but that raises questions about what to do with these interviews and how to share them with the people and communities they reflect. “Power and democracy” will be the theme of the IOHA’s meeting in Barcelona, with the sub-themes:

Archives, Oral Sources and Remembrance

Power in Human Relations

Democracy as a Political Tool

 Oral Sources and Cultural Heritage

New Ways to Share Our Dialogue with the Public

baixa Generalitat de Catalunya Historia, antropología y fuentes orales


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